Marketing Strategy

OKC & Tulsa 50+ Better Living Expo's Marketing Strategy. 

RADIO ADVERTISING : Nielsen ratings are reviewed annually to determine stations to be selected for placement. Level of sponsorship determines frequency of recognition in radio spots.

TELEVISION : Ads are placed on strategic regional stations through sponsorship arrangements for the OKC 50+ Better Living Expo. Level of sponsorship determines inclusion in commercials.

PRINT ADVERTISING : Advertising for the OKC 50+ Better Living Expo begins months prior to the event. Full-page, half-page, and quarter-page ads run in numerous publications along with details of the full lineup of activities as well as the layout of exhibitors and sponsors potentially reaching 15,000-25,000 readers. Sponsors receive additional recognition in all advertising, ads are placed in local print media for additional coverage. Special recognition is given to sponsors, determined by level of sponsorship.

DIRECT MAIL : Press releases and ads are sent to hundreds of senior groups, churches, civic groups, and activity directors months prior to the OKC 50+ Better Living Expo. Prior to the Expo, postcards are direct mailed to boomers, seniors, senior groups, 50+ communities, and retirement communities.

SIGNAGE : Posters, including sponsor recognition, are circulated and posted throughout several weeks prior to the OKC 50+ Better Living Expo. Grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, hospitals and professional offices, Offices of Aging, Social Security offices, and many other locations frequented by boomers and seniors will display the information.

PRESS RELEASES : A series of press releases beginning eight weeks prior to the event are distributed to area publications, radio stations, and TV stations.

WEBSITE : Continuous updates are made on website. All exhibitors are listed one month prior to the EXPO, and sponsors receive special recognition and a link to their website.

MISCELLANEOUS : Flyers announcing the event are distributed at area health fairs, Senior Games, and other events.